Calculate Taxable Income from Other Sources

Enter data in applicable unshaded cells
1Interest Income
2Taxable Dividends Income, if any
3Rental income from machinery, plants, buildings etc.
4Others, Gross (excluding income from owning race horses)
5Expenses / Deductions (Deductible under Section 57)
6Depreciation (Deductible under Section 57)
7Income from other sources [( 1 + 2 + 3 + 4) - ( 5 + 6 )]
(other than from owning race horses and Winnings from Lottery) (Nil if loss)
8Winnings from lotteries, crossword puzzles, races, etc. (taxable at special rate of 30%)
9Income from other sources (including Winnings from Lottery but excluding owning race horses)
10Receipts from owning and maintaining race horses
11Deductions u/s 57 relating to Income from owning and maintaining race horses
12Income from owning and maintaining race horses. ( 10 - 11 )
If loss, it will be carried forward for adjustment against income from this head in next four years.
13Taxable Income from Other Sources
14Carried Forward Loss from Owning Race Horses (if any)

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