TDS Calculators (Section 192)

Calculate TDS payable on payment of Salary & Wages

Enter data in applicable bordered cells
Select Age group
Total Estimated Income for Financial Year 2012-13
Less: Eligible deductions
u/s 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD(1), 80CCD(2), 80D, 80DD, 80E, 80G, 80GG, 80RRB, 80TTA, 80U, 24 etc.
Total Taxable Income
Income Tax on total taxable income
Education Cess
Total Tax Liability for the year
Monthly TDS

Calculate TDS payable on payments other than Salary & Wages to Residents

Select Section / Nature of Payment or Credit to be madeSelect Status of Recipient
Whether PAN number given by recipient
Enter Amount of Payment
TDS Rate ( % )
TDS deductible
TDS is deductible if the total payments during the financial year exceeds