Other Taxes

This section contains information, forms, calculators, links etc. relating to taxes other than income tax viz. Service Tax, VAT, CST, Central Excise, Excise Duty, Professional Tax and Wealth Tax

Service Tax

InformationService Tax, Rate, Registration, Return filing etc.
CalculatorCalculate Service Tax, E. Cess, S&HE Cess and total amount payable.
FormsService Tax forms in Excel / Word format
Account CodesAccounting Codes for payment of service tax
Negative ListService Tax Negative List 2013-14 - List of Services exempt from Service Tax
Exempt ListNotification No. 25/2012 - Service Tax dated 20 June 2012 (updated04/03/2013)
Abatements ListNotification No. 26/2012 - Service Tax dated 20 June 2012 (updated04/03/2013)
RulesService Tax Rules 1994
Place of Provision of Services Rules 2012
Point of Taxation Rules, 2011
Service Tax (Settlement of Cases) Rules 2012
Service Tax (Compounding of Offences) Rules 2012
Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, 2013

Value Added Tax (VAT)

InformationValue Added Tax (VAT)
CalculatorCalculate Input Tax Credit, VAT on Output and Net amount of VAT payable
States' Web sitesLinks of States' Web sites for detailed and up-to-date information
FormsVAT forms for various States in Excel / Word format

Central Sales Tax

InformationCentral Sales Tax (CST) and CST Rate
FormsCST forms in Excel / Word formats

Custom Duty

InformationCustom Duty, Objectives and Types of Custom Duty
FormsCustom forms in Word format

Central Excise

InformationExcise Duty, State Excise and Central Excise
FormsCentral Excise forms in Excel / Word formats

Professional Tax

InformationProfessional Tax, maximum amount of deduction, deduction for Income Tax etc.
RatesProfession Tax Rates and forms in Excel for various States
FormsProfession Tax Rates and forms in Excel for various States

Wealth Tax

InformationWealth Tax and Wealth Tax Return
FormsWealth Tax forms in Excel format