Haryana State Forms in Word format

The forms compiled by Finotax in Excel / Word / fillable PDF format enable you to fill the form on your Laptop / PC before printing of the form. The user-friendly forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled form free from cuttings / overwritings. The forms are available for download free of cost.

Form No.Description
Haryana Police
LandLord Information Form
Employee/Tenant Information Form
Application Form to get Police Clearance Certificate
Application form for Employee/Tenant Verification Report
2Application Form for the Grant or Renewal of Learner's Licence
3Learner's Licence
9Form of application for the renewal of Driving Licence
4Form of Application for Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle
20Form of Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle
29Form of notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle
30Report of transfer of ownership of a Motor Vehicle
Schedule IIForm of application for grant of renewal of licence to install a Power Crusher for manufacture of Gur.
AForm of agreement to be executed by a farmer receiving subsidy on Sprinkler Sets.
AApplication Form to Avail Registration Certificate for Selling Fertilizers
IVApplication for the Grant of Licence to Sell or Exhibit Insecticides
VIIApplication for Renewal of the License to Sell, Stock or Exhibit Insecticides
AForm of Application to Obtain Dealers, Certificate of Registration for Fertilizers
CRenewal of the Certificate of Registration to Carry on the Business of Selling Fertilizers
DApplication Form to Obtain a Certificate of Manufacture of Physical/Granulated Mixture of Fertilizers
EForm of Application to Obtain a Certificate of Manufacture for Special Mixture of Fertilizers
HApplication for Grant of Permission to Sell Non-Standard Fertilizers
AForm of Application to Obtain Dealers' License for Seeds
IApplication for opening of a new school
6Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll
Application Form for Computer Loan
Application Form for House Building Loan
Food and Supplies
Form for Grant/Renewal of Fair Price Depot License
Request for Birth Certificate
Request for Death Certificate
Form for Permit to Install Power Crusher for Manufacture of Gur
State Information Commission
AApplication Form to get information from SPIO/SAPIO
Law & Legislature
Complaint Form of Lokayukta

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