Forex (Foreign Exchange)

This section provides basic and useful information relating to Forex i.e. Foreign Exchange.

Page TitleParticulars
Forex TradingDifferent types of trading in Forex markets.
Forex QuotesDifferent Quotes (rates) used for trading in Forex markets.
Forex GlossaryGlossary of commonly used terms in Forex Market.
INCOTERMSInternational Commercial Terms and their meaning.
Forex Facilities for ResidentsDetails of various Forex facilities available to residents in India.
LRS of $125,000 Details of Liberalized Remittance Scheme of USD 125,000/-.
Forex Facilities for NRIs / PIOsDetails of various Forex facilities available NRIs and Persons of Indian Origin.
Letter of CreditInformation on various terms used and their meaning in issuing, advising, negotiating and discounting Letter of Credit (LC) / Documentary Credit.

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