Modified on : 6 May, 2018

Income Tax Calculator AY 2019-20
for Non-Resident Individual Tax payers

This calculator carries out following calculations for Non-resident Individual assessees for the Assessment Years 2019-20 ( i.e. on income earned during the financial year 01.04.2018 - 31.03.2019 ) for determing your taxable income and income tax liability:

  • Calculates Taxable Income by computing income from all sources viz. Salary and Allowances, House Property, Capital Gains, Income from other sources, Agriculture Income etc. for the assessment year.
  • Calculates income chargeable at Special Rate for computing the Taxable Income.
  • Calculates Income net of Income Tax Liability for the assessment year.
  • Calculates and shows Income Tax with slab-wise Income details.
  • Calculates Surcharge net of Marginal Relief *, wherever applicable.

We welcome your suggestions / feedback to improve functionality and user friendliness of this calculator.

Please note that this calculator takes into account Loss from 'House Property' but not from 'Business or Profession' and / or 'Capital Gains' and / or 'Other Sources'.

Change Assessment Year
Enter data in applicable shaded cells
A.   Income from Salary / Pension
1Total Salary/Pension as per Form 16 [ Net of Standard Deuction ( Max. ₹ 40,000/- ) and Excluding all exempt / non-exempt allowances, perquisites & profit in lieu of salary ]
2Allowances Exempt under Section 10 ( Not to be added to Total Income from Salary chargeable to Income Tax )
3Add : Allowances not exempt
4Add : Value of Perquisites and / or Fringe Benefits
5Add : Profits in lieu of Salary
Total Income from Salary chargeable to Income Tax
B.   Income (Profit) from Business / Profession
C.   Income / Loss from House Property
1Annual Lettable Value or Rent Received or Receivable
2Amount of Rent, which cannot be realized
3Taxes paid to Local Authorities ('0', If self occupied)
4Taxable amount of Rent Received / Realized {70% of (1 - 2 - 3)]
5Interest payable on borrowed capital
Income / Loss (-ve) from House Property chargeable to Income Tax
D.   Income from Capital Gains
1Short Term Capital Gain chargeable - Taxable at Normal Rates
2Short Term Capital Gain chargeable (u/s 111A) - Taxable @ 15%
3Long Term Capital Gain chargeable - Taxable @ 20%
4Long Term Capital Gain chargeable - Taxable @ 10%
Total Income from Capital Gains
E.   Income from Other Sources
1Income - Taxable at Normal Rates
2Winnings from Lottery, Puzzle, Crossword etc. - Taxable @ 30%
Total Income from Other Sources
F.   Agricultural Income (For Rate purpose)
G.   Aggregate Income (A+B+C+D+E+G)
H.   Eligible Deductions
1Deductions under Sec. 80C (For amounts paid / contributed / invested in Provident Fund, PPF, NSC, Life Insurance, Eligible MFs, Tuition Fee, Repayment of Home Loan etc. - Max. ₹ 1.50 lac)
2Deductions under Sec. 80CCC (For contributions to certain pension funds)
3Deductions under Sec. 80CCD1 (For contributions to pension scheme of Central Government)
4Total of Deductions u/s 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD(1) (Max. ₹ 1.50 lakh
5Deductions under Sec. 80CCD2 (For employer's contributions to pension scheme of Central Government)
6Deductions under Sec. 80D (Health Insurance - Self & family - Max. ₹ 25,000/-)
7Deductions under Sec. 80D (Health Insurance - Parents, Max. ₹ 50,000/- if parents are resident Indians and above 60 years of age else ₹ 25,000/-)
8Deductions under Sec. 80E (For interest on loan taken for higher education)
9Deductions under Sec. 80G (For donations to certain funds, charitable institutions, etc.)
10Deductions under Sec. 80GG (For house rent paid)
11Deductions under Sec. 80RRB (For royalty on patents)
12Deductions under Sec. 80TTA (For interest on deposit in savings account - Max. ₹ 10,000/-)
13Any other eligible deduction
Total Deductions from Taxable Income
I.   Total Taxable Income (G - H)
J.   Income included in Aggregate Income above and taxable at Special Rate
ParticularsIncomeTax RateIncome Tax
1Short Term Capital Gain (u/s 111A)15
2Long Term Capital Gain - taxable at 20%20
3Long Term Capital Gain - Taxable @ 10%10
4Winnings from Lottery, Puzzle, Crossword etc.30
5Any other income included in Aggregate Income above and taxable at special rate
Total Income & Income Tax at Special Rate
K.   Income taxable at Normal Rates (I - J)
L.   Tax already paid
1Tax Deducted at Source
2Tax Collected at Source
3Advance Tax paid
4Self Assessment Tax paid
1total Tax paid
Taxable Income and Tax Liability details
DescriptionIncomeIncome Tax
Exempt Income
Income chargeable at 5%
Income chargeable at 20%
Income chargeable at 30%
Income chargeable at Special Rates
Less : Income Tax on Agricultural Income included above
Income Tax
Surcharge ( 10% of Income Tax if taxable income is above ₹ 50 lac but less than or equal to ₹ 1 crore. 15% of income tax if taxable income is above ₹ 1 crore. )
Less: Marginal Relief in Surcharge
(Applicable if taxable is marginally over ₹ 50 lacs / 1 crore)
Net Surcharge
Income Tax + Net Surcharge
Health & Education Cess @ 4% of (Income Tax + Net Surcharge)
Gross Income Tax liability
Less: Tax relief under sections 89, 90 and 91
Net Income Tax liability
Add: Interest Payable under Sections 234A, 234B and 234C
Aggregate Income Tax liability
Tax Payable / Refund
Income Net of Income Tax Liability
Calculate interest under Section 234 A, B and C

Important : The above calculator is compiled to enable users / visitors of this site to have a quick and easy online tool for basic calculation. The calculator does not claim to give correct calculation in all circumstances. It is advised that the exact calculation may be made after taking into account all relevant provisions contained in the Income Tax Act and Rules.