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Last modified Dec. 20, 2015

Contents: Miscellaneous

This section provides Miscellaneous utilities viz Post office Small Scheme Calculators, Deposit Calculators, Loan Calculators, Stock Calculator, tax calculators, other general utility calculators, State-wise Bank Holidays-2017, Excel Keyboard Shortcuts, Ramayana Prashnavali, Choghadiyas, Android Apps etc.

Utility Calculators

Post Office (Small Savings) CalculatorsUse calculators for
  • NSC accrued Interest
  • PO Monthly Income Deposit Scheme
  • PO Time Deposit Scheme
  • Senior Citizen Saving Scheme
  • PO Recurring Deposit Scheme
  • KVPs
PPF CalculatorUse calculators for
  • Fixed monthly investment
  • Fixed yearly investment
  • Variable Yearly investment
  • PPF Withdrawal Calculator
  • PPF Loan calculator
  • PPF Tax benefit calculator
  • PPF Interest Rates
Sukanya Samriddhi CalculatorsUse calculators for
  • Fixed monthly investment
  • Fixed yearly investment
  • Variable Yearly investment
Taxable HRA CalculatorCalculate taxable amount of House Rent Allowance
Service Tax CalculatorCalculate Service Tax
VAT (Value Added Tax) CalculatorCalculate Value Added Tax (VAT)
Deposit CalculatorsUse calculators for
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Time / Term / Fixed Maturity Value
  • Time / Term / Fixed Interest Payment (Monthly & Quarterly)
  • FCNR Interest Payment (Monthly, Quarterly and Half Yearly )
  • Annuity Deposit
  • Real Rate of Return
Loan CalculatorsUse calculators for
  • EMI
  • Affordable Loan amount
  • Loan Repayment Time
  • Compare Two Loans
  • Credit Card Repayment
  • Mortgage Loan
Stocks CalculatorUse calculators for
  • Net return and %ge return of investment in stocks
  • Issue Price of Bonds
  • Yield to Maturity (YTM) of Bonds

Miscellaneous Utilities

Excel Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts to improve productivity of working in Excel.
State-wise Bank Holidays 2017Bank Holidays for the Calendar Year 2017 for States and Union Territories of India
Income Tax Calendar 2017Due dates for depositing advance tax instalments and submitting various returns / statements / reports / information / data during calendar year 2017.
Ramayana PrashnavaliGet prediction for endeavors based on Ram Charit Manas by Saint Tulsi Das.
ChoghadiyasGet Chaghadiya timings for any past or future date.
Unit ConverterConvert units of Length, Speed, Area, Weight, Volume, and Temperature
World Clocks & ISD CodesGet time and ISD cade of all major countries of the world.
Your Sun SignKnow your Sun Sign and traits.
Check Your FitnessCalculate your Ideal Body Weight, Body Mass Index and Fat %ge
SudokuPlay Sudoku Game
Android Apps by FinotaxGet Andoroid Apps developed by Finotax