Updated on : 20 October, 2018

NPS (Nantional Pension Scheme) Calculator

The Central Government has introduced the National Pension System (NPS) with effect from January 01, 2004 (except for armed forces). NPS was made available to All Citizens of India from May 01, 2009. It has the following main objectives:

  1. Provide old age income.
  2. Reasonable market based returns over the long term
  3. Extending old age security coverage to all citizens

Tax Benefits under NPS

NPS Calculator

NPS calculator estimates Pension and Lump Sum amount and Annuity payable to NPS suscriber on maturity or 60 years of age, based on regular monthly contributions, percentage of corpus reinvested for purchasing annuity and assumed rates in respect of returns on investment and annuities. The calculator shows growth chart of year-wise growth of NPS account and also year-wise data in tabular format.

NPS (Pantional Pension Scheme) CalculatorEnter data in unshaded fields
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Monthly Contribution
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Estmated rate of return on investment
Purcentage of Annuity, you want to purchase (minimum 40%) ( Change, if necessary )
Expected Annuity return rate
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Total number of years of contribution
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Total estimated Corpus on retirement
Annuity Value
Lump sum value
Expected monthly Pension
Chart / Graph showing Year Wise Contribution, Interest and Closing Balance
Table showing Year Wise Contribution, Interest and Closing Balance
AgeOpening BalanceContribution
(Upto the Year)
(During the Year)
(Upto the Year)
Closing Balance